• A New Kind of Cat Door

    The patented Kitty Korner, Slidelock hinge lets you add a convenient cat door to any home interior door

  • Hide the Litter Box

    Love the cat, Hate the litter box? Kitty Korner can help.

  • Do you remember sleeping with the door closed?

    With Kitty Korner's patent SlideLock hinge you can close the door again and let the cat come and go.

  • Simple to install

    Kitty Korner's SlideLock hinge was designed for easy installation on any interior residential door; solid and hollow core.

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Wendy H.

"Kitty Korner is an Amazing invention. Allows Cats to have their own space without leaving a door partially open... Keeps dogs and little kids out too! Love this design, very nice looking!"



"Worst idea ever. The cats already think they run this place. Boo... Kitty Korner"

Sundown NV

Jackie T.

"I can’t believe how easy this was to install and how much my kitty loves it! So much better than a regular cat door. Thank you!!"

Based on 5 reviews
Right hand swing kit - cat door
Amandeep Dhillon (Mountain View, US)


Left hand swing kit - cat door
randy albert (Leominster, US)
Great door and customer service

I ordered the wrong hinge and they sent me a postage paid return with the right hinge. The door works flawlessly and the customer service was above and beyond good. thank you

Right hand swing kit - cat door
Dennis Melgosa (Grovetown, US)
Cats love it.

Got this for me really since I sleep days after overnight shifts and got tired of opening the bedroom door to let them in and out. Fast and easy to install. Only complaint is I ordered right hand and they sent a left hand hinge that was actually stamped with an R for right hand. Used it anyway because I figured we’d keep it open anyway, but if you’re looking to open and close it pay attention to the stamped letter. But we love it, no more getting up for the cats and they no longer wait on us. Win win.

Love these! Great customer service too :)

Love that I am able to close my door now at night and no scratching! The only suggestion for improvement I would have is to potentially trim the corner of the hinge off so it doesn't stick past the door almost into the frame. If you have an angle grinder you can cut it off, but otherwise it sticks out


  • The Kitty Korner opening is approximately 10” X 14” X 10”
  • The Kitty Korner is designed to work on hollow core doors.
  • The Kitty Korner not recommended for mounting on exterior doors. In addition to security concerns exterior doors are fire rated doors.
  • Short answer is yes but requires ordering the opposite Kitty Korner swing from the door’s swing. The customer will also need to make small modification to the door’s jamb.
  • Kitty Korner will refund full purchase price, minus shipping, for any reason for requests made within 30 days of receipt of product. Upon request, Kitty Korner will do exchanges for mistaken orders due to incorrect door swing. We reserve the right to charge shipping costs
  • Kitty Korner ships six days a week (Mon. through Sat.) minus national holidays.  Kitty Korner charges $5.99 per unit shipping and handling. Kitty Korner’s average shipping time is 4 to 5 business days.