Cat Scratching at the Door?

Cat Scratching at the Door?

Cat Scratching at the Door? Trying to Keep Your Pets Separated?

The Kitty Korner Cat Door Solves Both Problems!

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss two common pain points for pet owners:
  • If you own a cat, you can relate to the issue of cats scratching at the door.
  • If you own a cat and a dog, you’re no doubt familiar with the fact that sometimes the whisper-quiet and impossibly well-groomed feline is allowed to freely roam from room to room, while the messy, giant-pawed, and clumsy canine is not.

The good news is that both problems are solved with the same ingenious and inexpensive solution – which we’ll describe shortly. First, let’s explore those pain points in a little more detail.

We’ll start with that darn cat scratching… at the door, on the side of the couch, and even ON. YOUR. FOREARM. What cat owner among us has not gone to work in the morning trying to hide the very clear indications of an Edward Scissorhands-like attack from the night before?

If you don’t own a cat, you may not know that most cats do not abide nail trimming. Dogs don’t typically love it either but they will usually relent. Cats like to take care of their nails themselves, not by cutting or trimming but by grinding them down

Here’s the point: not every instance of cat scratching is meant to indicate a need to be let out or back in. Lots of times it’s just the expected behavior of a well-groomed feline. So if your cat is scratching in order to grind down its nails, you need a scratch pad! But that’s not the only reason for scratching at the door…

Cats also tend to dislike closed doors. For instance, when I use the bathroom in my own home, the cat scratches incessantly – until someone lets her in and she realizes what I’m doing. Then she’s like “Humph, I have better things to do” and summarily excuses herself.

But the fact that they don’t like closed doors doesn’t mean you can just always leave all yours open. After all, important issues like privacy, climate control, keeping dogs/kids out – they all require a closed door… and inevitably lead to the scratching associated with the feline’s hatred of a closed door. Kitty Korner Cat Door solves this issue.

And of course there’s one more quite obvious explanation for a scratching cat. If you keep the litter box behind closed doors, you’re asking for one of two things to happen: cat scratching because it needs to use its toilet or – if you don’t react quickly enough – cat pee and poop on the furniture. Don’t worry, Kitty Korner Cat Door solves this issue, as well.

Before we explain exactly how Kitty Korner Cat Door addresses those issues, let’s talk about that second pain point: what about our multi-pet owners who want the kitty to be free to come and go while simultaneously keeping that big hairy mess of a dog off the beds and other furniture? Or that same multi pet owner who wants the cat to have free access to the litter box but needs to make sure the dog can’t belly up to the box full of “treats” buried in the litter? If you’re paying attention, you should have guessed it by now: Kitty Korner Cat Door!

OK, enough with the teasers. Let’s talk about why and how Kitty Korner™Cat Door solves all these potential pain points.

The Kitty Korner Cat Door is an easy-to-install pet door that lets your little fuzzy friends roam freely throughout your home, while the big oafs are left on the outside looking in. Our Do-It-Yourself kit comes with simple instructions to cut and attach our patented Slide Lock™ hinge to any existing interior door. It’s easy, with only one cut required.

And by the way, that patented Slide Lock™ hinge is much different than an ordinary hinge. It has a tongue-and-groove locking mechanism that fixes the door in either the open or closed position – and it attaches to any hollow or solid interior door. So, when you want your cat (or toy dog or other small pet) to roam freely, simply slide it, flip it, lock it open. When you want to restrict their freedom, just slide it, flip it, lock it closed!

Let’s review those pain points one last time to make sure Kitty Korner Cat Door address them all:

  • Cat scratching because it hates a closed door? Solved!
  • Cat scratching because it needs access to its potty? Solved!
  • Letting the cat roam while keeping the dog off the furniture? Solved!
  • Providing the cat (but NOT the dog) access to the litter box? Solved!
Yep, it seems the Kitty Korner Cat Door truly is ingenious!
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