Lots of Options, So Why Is Kitty Korner Cat Door The Best?

Lots of Options, So Why Is Kitty Korner Cat Door The Best?

Are you considering an interior pet door for your cat, small dogs, or other pets? If you’re struggling with what to do next, you probably fall into one of two categories:

Hey, we get it. In fact, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s work through this together.

What Pet Door Is Best… For MY Situation?

This is a truly important question. After all, every pet owner has different challenges, wishlist items, and requirements. With that in mind, we at Kitty Korner recommend that you start by assessing what you’re trying to “fix.”
Let’s cut to the chase with a little honesty: if #1 is your main issue, we’re not the product for you. We’re designed to work on interior doors only. Now, we work with ALL interior doors – hollow AND solid, but we’re simply not a viable exterior door solution.
Still reading? Good… that means your desired (or required) fix falls into categories 2-6, or perhaps even something else altogether. The bottom line is you need an interior pet door. Kitty Korner Door can help!

What Differentiates Kitty Korner Cat Door in the Interior Pet Door Market?

When it comes to interior pet doors, the best product on the market is the Kitty Korner Cat Door, with its patented SlideLock TM hinge that allows for easy locking in the up (open) or down (closed) position. As they sing in our world-famous jingle, “Slide It, Flip It, Lock It.”
Now, as for that aforementioned SlideLock TM hinge: it is not a simple piano hinge and it is not a hinge you can buy at your local hardware store. Our hinge has a patented tongue-in-groove feature that sets it apart from anything else on the market. Neither your pets nor your toddlers are opening or closing the Kitty Korner Cat Door “accidentally.” It locks in the position you want it in – and stays there until you “slide it, flip it, lock it” in the other position.
So, let’s knock out desired/required fix #’s 2-6 in quick succession:
A. “Hiding” the litter box from your guests without denying access to your cat(s)?
The litter box is behind closed doors – in a bathroom, closet, laundry room, or wherever you desire. Your guests likely don’t notice the corner of the door – but even if they do, they certainly can’t see the litter box. Of course, the cat knows it’s there and has uninhibited access – and isn’t that all that matters?
B. Keeping the dog(s) and toddler(s) out of the litter box?
This one’s easy… you’ve seen the pictures. Can your dog or toddler sneak through that opening? NO! But the cat has uninhibited access!
C. Stopping your cat from scratching on the door?
Your cat scratches at a closed door – that’s completely normal. But why is it closed? Chances are good that you’re trying to keep the dog or the kids away. Same as #3: no- one else can enter, but the cat has – guess what? – uninhibited access, thereby eliminating the need to scratch!
D. Giving the humans some much deserved “privacy”?
Ah, so the humans want some time alone from everyone and everything? Hmmm… what’s going on exactly? Well actually, that’s your business. You simply need a pet door that locks in the closed position – and that, friends, is our business.
E. Keeping the odor at bay?
Guess what blocks odor better than almost anything else? A CLOSED DOOR! That’s right, shut the door but still allow your cat uninhibited access.
OK, so it’s a no-brainer, right?
Wait… we failed to cover one important issue: your potential nervousness about installation.

Installing Your Kitty Korner Cat Door Is… Nothing to Be Nervous About!

For many of our customers, removing an interior door’s hinge pins is the hardest part. If you have an older home, those buggers can really stick. No problem! Either squirt a little WD-40 in the hinges or grab a screwdriver and a hammer to nudge those suckers loose from the bottom. We’ve yet to see a scenario where they didn’t eventually pop out.
Next, mark your door with our foolproof template. You just need a pencil and some tape.
Here comes the only part that might – MIGHT – intimidate some of you: you need to make a single cut along a straight line using a saw. Nervous? Ask a family member or a neighbor. Heck, you could probably ask your mail carrier or the guy who cleans your pool. Trust us, you do know someone who can make this cut for you without batting an eye.
Now, you attach a couple of screws, attach the corner with a few more screws, rehang the door, and reinsert those hinge pins. You’re done! There’s literally almost nothing to it.
If you’re still nervous, please hear this: we’ve had tool-savvy customers who installed the Kitty Korner Door in about 15 minutes; we’ve also known VERY CAUTIOUS beginners who spent a full day on the project – but even THEY got it done! In other words, it is absolutely doable and nothing to be nervous about.
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